Recipes & Ideas

Recipes & Ideas

Enjoy it chilled or get creative

When you are on the run and need refreshment, drink Osprey Organics Maple Water from the container. It is best served chilled.

If you wish to relax, pour over ice into a tall glass with a twist of lime or a sprig of mint. The light aroma of the lime and mint complements the mild nutty flavor of the Maple Water.

Do you like mojitos? Get ready to taste the ultimate cocktail. Use Osprey Maple Water instead of the soda, sugar and syrup. Use crushed rather than cubed ice.

Make your regular cup of coffee taste richer by using Osprey Organics Maple Water instead of the water. Heat it up on the stove or in a microwaveable container and then make the coffee using a French press or filter. When you have enjoyed this you’ll have trouble going back to your regular coffee.

Osprey Maple Water can be used in savory dishes for soups and marinades as well in sweet dishes like fruit salads and sorbets. Go ahead and experiment. Please share your creations on our Facebook page here.