A drink for your health


Female_YogaA drink for your health

Indigenous people in the northern woodlands of the Americas have been drinking maple water for longer than recorded history. When the settlers arrived they learned of the refreshing, rejuvenating beverage which they could enjoy each spring. Maple water is now being rediscovered along with natural beverages made from coconuts, artichokes, turmeric and many other fruits, flowers and spices where health seekers are taking advantage of their many health benefits.

Maple water contains over 46 nutrients including a variety of vitamins, potassium, calcium, magnesium, amino acids, antioxidants and large organic molecules that have health benefits that nutritionists are starting to discover. As Time Magazine reports maple water has “enough potassium to replace what’s lost in an hour of exercise, plus more manganese than a cup of kale”.

Osprey Maple Water is low in sodium, only 30 mg of sodium per 250mL serving. And it is low in calories, only 25 per serving.

Osprey Organics Maple Water is certified organic by Pro-Cert.

Compare the calories (per 250mL serving):

Osprey Maple Water   25 calories
Coconut water   50 calories
Cola   75 calories
Orange juice 115 calories