Osprey Organics Pure Maple Syrup

Pure, crystal clear, full of flavour Osprey Organics is the ultimate maple syrup.

We care for the environment so it can sustain us with succulent goodness. To prevent harm to the trees and the woodland underbrush we use small bore tubing that channels the maple sap into our high-tech sugar shack. We turn the sap into syrup at low pressures and temperatures preserving its flavour and using as little energy as possible.

To keep our environmental footprint as small as possible we burn wood to run the evaporator and reclaim the water from the boil to keep the equipment spotless.

We bottle in small batches to preserve freshness.

You can buy Osprey Organics Maple Syrup online here.

Summary sheet showing the three sizes
of Osprey Organics Maple Syrup.

Our maple trees reaching up to turn the sun into the sap of spring.

Our sugar shack where we turn maple sap into golden brown Osprey Organics Maple Syrup.

The maple sap is boiled in this hi-tech wood-burning evaporator to preserve the flavour and save energy.