Alexandra’s Woodpile

Much of this beautiful area is woodland. We use wood that cannot be used for other purposes, removing it carefully so there is minimal damage to surrounding trees and the forest floor.

We cut and split the wood using only hardwood - not softwood: mostly maple, ironwood, beech, ash cherry and birch. We separate out cherry and birch for customers who like a particularly hot and pleasantly aromatic fire. We dry the wood for a minimum of one and a half years, monitoring it with a moisture meter until it is under 21% moisture. We then remove loose bark and debris so it is clean for burning and it leaves less ash.

We deliver to Barrie, Brampton, Blue Mountain, Collingwood, Flesherton, Meaford, Owen Sound, Orangeville, Thornbury and surrounding areas. Our shipping charges are modest and can be seen here. We can deliver three bush cords at a time with our small truck that can access most driveways. For more than 6 bush cords we would use our larger truck, which requires plenty of space for turning and backing up.

Many of our customers want their wood conveniently close to their fireplace and find stacking it a time-consuming chore. We'll do it for you. If we can dump the wood within 100 feet of where it needs stacking our rates are here. If the distance is further, please call for a quote.

I’m Jay and I’ll supervise the delivery of your wood and if you wish we will stack it for you.

We use this machine to clean up the wood and remove dirt and debris before we deliver it.

These are wooden rails which we can deliver that can be used in garden decoration and fencing.